Test your MobileCoin Wallet through an Air Drop!

As you might have heard, MobileCoin launched their new Drops Beta technology for the first time last month. The MOBot made its debut as MobileCoin’s privacy-forward e-commerce chatbot on Signal.

Participation and feedback from UK beta users of signal were great, and the tech is improving even further as we speak.

The MOBot on Signal protects the privacy of the customer while facilitating the sale (or gifting!) of merch. As MobileCoin’s tech is refined and gains wider distribution, the MOBot will be a great tool in which partners, merchants, entrepreneurs, and creators can transact with customers with privacy and security in mind.

Test out MOBot in an Air Drop

On Friday, July 2nd, we’ll be doing an Air Drop in which we’ll gift you MobileCoins as a reward for testing the use of your MobileCoin wallet via MOBot! This will take place during the livestream of MobileCoin Radio at 1PM PST / 9PM BST on Friday.

Signal payments uses MobileCoins as a currency, otherwise known as MOB (rhymes with globe). For the first 100 UK users of Signal to help put MOBot to the test this Friday, MOBot will send you MOB for free!

Once you have your free MOB reward, practice sending and receiving payments with the MOBot. MobileCoin will cover the transaction fees for the first time you send MOB to the MOBot, meaning that you’ll get the entire amount sent back to you. After that, feel free to keep playing around with transactions. Or, save your MOB for future merch drops.

In order to participate:

  • Be sure you have the latest version of Signal installed on your Android or iOS device. Some users may need to install the beta version of Signal to access MOBot.
  • If you’re in a country where Signal already integrated with MobileCoin as payments, you’ll be able to participate in this next drop. So far, we’re available in the UK, so everyone else please stay tuned for when MOB will be available in your country. We’re super excited and we hope you are too!
  • If you want more info on how to get MOB, check out this helpful video.

To a Future of Safe and Secure Transactions

Thank you to the MobileCoin community for your participation in making our technology the best it can be. The MOBot will be a great tool in which partners, merchants, entrepreneurs, and creators can transact with customers with privacy and security in mind.

We will be releasing the codebase for MOBot as an open source project so that anyone can build their own ‘bot for transacting in MOB.

Here’s to a private and sustainable payment system of the future.

A note to our readers: MobileCoins are not offered or sold in the following: In the United States, to persons or entities present in the United States, to any identified Prohibited Jurisdiction, or in any other jurisdiction where the offer or sale would be unlawful. There is only one official primary sales channel for direct purchases of MobileCoins: www.buymobilecoin.com. This website is the official website of MobileCoin TS, Ltd. Any other site purporting to be an official primary sales channel to purchase MobileCoins is fraudulent. For more information about purchasing MobileCoins, and to view the Terms of Sale and Terms of Use, visit www.buymobilecoin.com.




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