MOBot Goes Open Source

MOBot, the chatbot that sends and receives MOB on the Signal private messaging network, is officially going open source this Friday, July 30th, 2021.

An ideal partner for merchants looking to sell their goods or services on the Signal network, MOBot interacts with users to automatically manage lightweight transactions directly within a chat.

In accordance with MobileCoin’s commitment to integrity and transparency, MOBot will join the MobileCoin blockchain consensus software, fog service, desktop wallet, mobile SDKs, and server APIs on GitHub as an open-source tool under the MIT license.

People shouldn’t wonder how their privacy software works or what its code is doing. MobileCoin wants to empower individuals to take direct control of their privacy and enable independent developers to craft user-protecting MOB commerce solutions.

To begin creating your own bot, head over to Github now.




Learn more about our work at MobileCoin.Foundation

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MobileCoin Foundation

Learn more about our work at MobileCoin.Foundation

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