Hello, MobileCoin Community!

We’re happy to share with you the Intro to MobileCoin video created by our friends over at Kurzgesagt.

Welcome to MobileCoin: Digital cash backed by technology you can trust.

The MobileCoin consensus network will be updated to version 1.1.0 of the Consensus Protocol software, and MobileCoin Fog will be updated to version 1.1.0 of the Fog software today.

The big change in this release is the lowering of the network fees to 0.0004 MOB.

Servers will be temporarily down during the upgrade process. The maintenance window is from 11am to 1pm, pacific time, on June 24. Upon update, your clients will continue to work, but you will need new clients in order to utilize the lower fee.

Clients can be found as binaries and packages at:


Please join us in testing, and as always, let us know if you have any issues.

As you might have heard, MobileCoin launched their new Drops Beta technology for the first time last month. The MOBot made its debut as MobileCoin’s privacy-forward e-commerce chatbot on Signal.

Participation and feedback from UK beta users of signal were great, and the tech is improving even further as we speak.

The MOBot on Signal protects the privacy of the customer while facilitating the sale (or gifting!) of merch. …

Have you heard the news yet that privacy protecting payments have launched for Signal beta users in the United Kingdom?

That means it’s easy, quick, and secure to add MobileCoin’s currency, MOB, to your Signal wallet. You can send MOB to friends and family, receive MOB, keep track of your balance, and review your transaction history, all in a way that keeps your data in your hands only.

UK fam — are you wondering how to get started? …

The MobileCoin Foundation has been hard at work developing a product roadmap. Today we are ready to share our roadmap for Q1. Stay tuned for more product roadmaps to be updated quarterly.

Foundation Watcher Node

Our Foundation Watcher Node allows people who are not running SGX in consensus to verify the integrity of the network. SGX produces signatures that validate Intel’s verification of an enclave, ensuring the enclave can be trusted and that its software is up-to-date. Each node has a private key inside the enclave and signs every block before appending it to the ledger. …

Today we are releasing the first two chapters of The Mechanics of MobileCoin, a new book discussing the MobileCoin protocol in detail.

We’d like to thank Koe for authoring this book. It’s a huge undertaking and we appreciate their dedication to helping explain all the tech we’ve built. If you have questions, please reach out here or on the github.

Additional chapters will be released as they become available.

The MobileCoin Main Net is now live and in the public domain.

To view the MobileCoin protocol open source software and tools, please visit the MobileCoin Foundation’s GitHub: https://github.com/mobilecoinfoundation/mobilecoin.

Please note that the MobileCoin Wallet is not available for download or use by U.S. persons or entities, persons or entities located in the U.S., or persons or entities in other prohibited jurisdictions.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the community-based MobileCoin Code Improvement Process and other MobileCoin Foundation initiatives.

MobileCoin Foundation

Learn more about our work at MobileCoin.Foundation

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